:'( Maybe I should have said I miss him.
I miss you too Diane! <3
Hey Stem!!
Ily stem and I miss you <3
I'd say hi but you know.. Hey
Fast question, its a stupid one probably, whats the new IP of the Server? I cant find it, cheers!
You do not have access to shout.
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Two New Additions

TailzPrime ADMINo
TailzPrime @ Gladius Reborn
posted Jan 25, 18

I could have spent my vacation working on my house but instead I got sucked into Gladius.


First up I revisited Dittmanns' beautiful Coleseum build.  I've tweaked the armor to be full P4 and I also added in commands to create random item chests.  The arena still uses 1.8 mechanics, so let us know what you think about keeping that or not.  I see this being an arena for God battles, we'd like you input on that as well.  My next plans for this arena will be to create player switchable option for this, being either a team death match session or a battle royale type thing where it's everyone for themselves.  After all I've done on the spleef arena that shouldn't be too hard, it will just take time.

Coloseum Arena

Speaking of the Spleef arena, I've been working on it for the last couple of days and it is now currently open and in Beta phase testing.  I've already fixed a couple things players have mentioned, like people logging out and breakable blocks. I'm sure there will be more bugs to be found, just keep a list for me.  The playing field adjust slightly according to how many players join in.  Everyone seems to be enjoying it though so that's a win for all of us!  I was honestly surprised at how much fun I found it to be when I actually got to play.

Thanks again to Dittmanns for the Coleseum Arena and Loomis & Xipheus for the Spleef Arena, they are both gorgeous.

Y'all be sure to check out the new additions and have fun!!

TailzPrime ADMINo
TailzPrime @ Gladius Reborn
Okay peoples, I have tweaked the reset portion of the Spleef game and there is a lot less lag now between rounds. It see...
steve_1996 COAL I dont remember having helped build the spleef arena
TailzPrime ADMINo
TailzPrime @ Gladius Reborn
I know the spleef arena lags when it resets. I'm going to try a more nuanced approach to the reset. Will take me a ...


We've had some lag issues recently, so I got us a new server a few days ago. I'm still working on it, but it's at a good state now and is almost ready for the transfer.

There will be no reset this time, as there is no need for it. This also means there will be no ban forgiveness.

The IP will change (I will update the URL to match the new IP, but it may take a few hours to update). I will also have to stop the server for a few hours (during this time, I will put up a new, blank server for everyone to play around on). These are the only changes players should notice.

Gladius' New Year's resolution is to reduce lag as much as possible :)

Kasmora DIAMOND None of the voting links work. They all say gladius is offline. So ig the ip hasnt been fixed?
NonprofitProphet OWNER The transfer process timed out last night, and I can't be sure if it finished or not, so I'm going to run it a...
NonprofitProphet OWNER The transfer is underway! It's not as fast as my original testing showed, it's gonna be done very late tonight...

It's Christmas! In the spirit of giving, Gladius will be giving out one $15 gift code to!

Everyone who participated in Secret Santa this year will be eligible.

Here's the list of everyone who participated:

Ginger, Snipe, Fletch, Uka, Clover, Chief, Steve, CJ, Subway, Lori, Fore, Golf, Q, Haph, Psy, Blu, Loomis, Alloy, Snoopy, Mxli, Guthix, Motiionz, Kit, Rose, Rag, FunkyDudeEli, NickSGS, Surgeon.

One of these names will be drawn tomorrow! Stay tuned to find out who :)

The winner is...SUBWAY!!

Enjoy your figurine Sub. Be sure to customize it with your skin when you order!

Subwaylova DIAMOND Definitely Rigged
Loomisam DIAMONDCOAL What's an

Christmas Sale 2017

TailzPrime ADMINo
TailzPrime @ Gladius Reborn
posted Dec 15, 17


Christmas is almost here so it's time for us to run our annual Christmas Sale!  It will be going on today through January 15th.  Everything in the store will be 25% off so it's the perfect time to get those ranks or upgrades you've been thinking of for you or a friend.

Also, don't forget about the Secret Santa event. Today is the last day for signups so if you want to participate be sure to head over to and add your name to the list!

  Merry Christmas!

Christmas 2017!!

TailzPrime ADMINo
TailzPrime @ Gladius Reborn
posted Dec 11, 17

Build Contest Thumb


Alright, it's Christmas time, lots of y'all are going to be out of school, and we haven't done a build contest in quite a while.  So to give everyone something to do with their time we are going to run a build contest.  Details can be found here. The deadline will be 11:59 CST on Christmas Adam.  (Christmas Adam comes before Christmas Eve, i.e., Sat Dec 23rd.)


This one is going to be pretty simple.  Build and decorate a Christmas Tree.  Can be any size, made out of any material, but it needs to at least resemble a Christmas Tree.  This will be limited to the survival world, no creative builds allowed. Also due by the end of Christmas Adam. Go here to sign up.


This went pretty well last year and if I can get some other staff to help me and if y'all want to participate again, we will certainly do this again this year.  If you want to participate please comment in the thread I have made for it in the events section of the forums. Signups will have a 1 week window (must be registered by Dec 15th) and then you will be assigned your recipient to gift to. Merry Christmas!

NickSGSSS I'd love to join!
PrincessMxli DIAMOND I wouldnt mind entering owo
Kasmora DIAMOND  created a new thread REINER12457 in the Report a Player forum
Axelhaze   registered to Gladius
CollieMan   created a new thread Staff's change of heart part 2! in the Ban Appeals forum
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