Repeatedly bringing up something you just want to forget? I mean goddamnit learn basic humanity
Power stop. This shit does not concern you or anyone else. No legal action was taken. Ginge regrets his actions. It's done. Irrelevant. Finished. Stop bringing this up. If you were in either of these peoples positions would you want some jerk
let alone fucking talk
Ginger is basically a child pornest and we let him play here.
Power you and rag are just going in circles, when you have a genuine good argument. Come back to me then and we can talk.
'No you're not sorry for all the things you've done ginger.' How would you know if he is sorry or not? Guilt is a personal feeling...
You said something along the lines of that during the brit wars. Before the watchers got you demoted as mod and your whole team jumped ship.
The excuse of "He can't download hacks" is retarded. It doesn't take a genius to google and download something. Also @power what thing is ginge helping revive with? All i see is them destroying the watchers constantly.
I never said Snoopy cant hack, Power cant LMFAO
Oh Rag you missed the time him and Snoopy hacked on Snoopy's account. In the 1.8 arena of all places too XD
You do not have access to shout.
Latest Threads

July Events

NonprofitProphet OWNER posted Jul 3, 17


Summer is here, we've reset, and it's time to pick up some new players! The best way we can do this is through getting our rank up in the voting lists. Gladius needs your help to do this! To give you even more incentive to vote, we will be holding a voting drive. Anyone who gets 70 or more votes this month will receive an UNBREAKING 30 GOD ITEM (sword, axe, pickaxe, shovel, hoe) of choice! In addition, everyone who gets 30 votes will be entered in to a contest to win 60VP! On top of this, the top 5 voters this month will be entered in a different drawing for a WITCH EGG!


Since we will be picking up some newbies, we will be holding a 15% OFF SALE on all items (except Diamond), and Diamond will be $15 OFF. This sale will be over August 1st, so get it while it's hot!


Saturday, July 15th, we will begin our weekly PvP competitions. To inaugurate the weekly event, the prizes will be a little different this time: on top of the usual uncraftable God Apples, 1st place will receive 3 BEDROCK BREWs, 2nd will receive 2, and 3rd 1. These potions will allow you to instantly escape from a battle. In order to keep PvP interesting, we will only make 6 of these, with none planned to ever be made in the future. If you want them, win them on the 15th!

Loomisam @ Gladius Reborn
Will the top five voters also be entered into the contest to win the vote points or will they only be applicable to win ...
VashieG Do you count alts voting? i.e. if I have 10 alts and i vote for a few days on them, do you approve of that?
Gltchd o What time on the 15th will the pvp competition be? Or will it be all day?

Server Reset

NonprofitProphet OWNER posted Jun 10, 17


As many of you guessed, we will be resetting soon. For this reset, I have decided to let players keep their inventories AND Enderchests - however, Shulker Boxes will not be allowed in any form. We will be moving items over manually for a period of 1 week after the server closes. In other words, on 6/17/17, 12:00AM CST, the old server will go down, and if you have not transferred your items in the old server, you will not have them in the new server.

Here is the planned schedule of events:

  • 6/9: Setup of transfer world
  • 6/10-6/16: Players ask Admins to bring items to the transfer world
  • 6/16: Last day to have Admins transfer items
  • 6/17: Old server shut down. Server wiped completely, then everything is reinstalled. NEW SERVER UP AND RUNNING
  • 6/19: Player items brought to new server. Admins begin to give items back to players


With this new system, there is no need to worry about overwriting data. We will take care of that for you. You just need to let an Admin know when you are ready to transfer items from the old server.

poloisgaming help meee I seriously need my crap moved and quickly ;-; its already Thursday and I haven't got my crap moved I...
Kasmora DIAMOND NonprofitProphet So when is the new server going to actually be up? It's not specified in this post.
snipecaik GOLDEMERALD Hi Non, you haven't really discussed specifics of the reset, however I think we should have a 100k border, as with ...

Killing Spree Initial Test Run

TailzPrime ADMIN
TailzPrime @ Gladius Reborn
posted May 27, 17


Hey all, we are going to trial run a little contest for this weekend.  We're dubbing it Killing Spree.  Each player will have access to 2 plain diamond swords (we're giving out 2 since this is everyone's first run at this), obtainable in the Event Room in lower Spawn.  The player who can collect the highest amount of unique names will win a Max Damage Diamond Sword. That's Sharpness 5, Bane of Arthropods 5, and Smite 5.  You will have until May 29, 10PM CST to obtain names on your sword.  You'll need to put your name on your sword with an anvil before turning it in so we will know which one is yours.  And yes, you have to use the sword provided, not one you've been collecting names on for weeks now. tongue-out  We hope everyone will join in and see how many people they can slay this weekend.  Have fun and leave us any comments below.  Thanks!!

Loomisam @ Gladius Reborn
He won give him sword so he can sell it to blue for 2 stacks of dbs.
Virtualle DIAMONDCOAL i won give me sword
Loomisam @ Gladius Reborn
Could you do this contest with a hoe? It would be really funny. It could be like 'Loom's hoe killed 20 peopl...

February Shenanigans!

TailzPrime ADMIN
TailzPrime @ Gladius Reborn
posted Feb 21, 17


It's time for the first annual (disclaimer: not actually annual) Map Maker contest! Winner will get a coupon good for $10 off any item in the store! There aren't very many rules for this contest - you can build in any world you want to, as long as you do it in Gladius and give a copy to a staff member. You can also make as many entries as you like. There is no theme - pick your own! The deadline to submit is March 3rd, 11:59 CST. After that time, staff will go over the maps and pick our favorite! There will be only one grand prize winner, but you'll all be winners because you will be able to keep the maps you made :)

More information here:


So one of the events we decided to run during February was a Treasure/Scavenger Hunt.  This one is pretty straight forward, you will get a series of 9-10 clues, the answer of the previous clue leading to the location of the next.  There will be 3 'legs' (insert pegleg joke here) to this event, each series of clues will be handed out in 3 successive weekends.  There will be a prize at the end of each leg for the first to find it, and to continue with the next week's clues you'll have to visit the site of the final clue of the current leg whenever the new series goes live.  Week 1 will reward with an Unbreaking 10 Shovel, Week 2 with an Unbreaking 10 Axe, and Week 3 with an Unbreaking 10 Pickaxe & Hoe.  You'll need to visit the Event Room beneath Spawn to get started.  GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY HUNTING!!

snipecaik GOLDEMERALD entries*

January 2017 - Discord and Super UHC!

TailzPrime ADMIN
TailzPrime @ Gladius Reborn
posted Jan 31, 17


Starting January 9th, we will be having a Super-Ultra Hardcore event! This event will last (mostly) the whole month!

"How will it work?" Glad you asked! From the 9th til 5PM CST on the 13th, you will have to ask a moderator to teleport you to the UHC world. Once there, you will do /quituhc and your location will be saved for the next time you go into the UHC world (using /joinuhc). On the 13th (around 5PM CST), we will open the spawn up and allow players to leave. There will be a 2 hour grace period where players can't hurt each other. If you die, for any reason at all, your location will be deleted and you will no longer be able to enter the UHC world. The only way we will put you back is if you die to a confirmed hacker, but we will not replace lost items or bring you back to your base.

"How will it end?" Another great question! Starting January 21st, the world will begin to shrink (it starts out with a 1000 radius from spawn) by 100 blocks a day. On January 28th, 2PM CST, it will shrink by 25 blocks every 10 minutes until all the remaining competitors are forced to confront each other. When there is one competitor left in the UHC world after 2PM on January 28th, that competitor will be the winner! If you have been in the UHC event but forgot to sign on at this time, you cannot win.

"How do I play UHC?" It's just like the regular game, except you can only regenerate health with Golden Apples. That means you have to be super careful not to take any damage! Our setup is a little different than most - rather than hunger not regenerating health, you are unable to eat food, but your hunger will not go below 3 bars. The End and the Nether are not accessible.

This idea is a little experimental, but we have high hopes for it! Good luck!


You may have noticed our new Discord widget on the homepage.  We are giving Discord a try as our voice app of choice.  Several suggestions have already been made on how to improve it, if you have any yourself pass them along to us.  We will continue to tweak it to fit the Gladius community.  Just remember the same rules about posts apply on Discord that apply on the forums.  Chat on peeps!

snipecaik GOLDEMERALD Are you sure a 1000 block radius is sufficient, in terms of natural resources, IMO it should be at least 5k, after all t...
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